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Maogeping | Butterfly In Flowers Series Blusher Palette

Maogeping | Butterfly In Flowers Series Blusher Palette

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Inspiration drawn from the butterflies and peach blossoms found in the collections of the Qing Dynasty. The scene is set with a warm wind blowing and the atmosphere reflecting prosperity and blossoming beauty. Amidst an elegant blue sky, two butterflies gracefully dance, symbolizing the arrival of spring.

The design of this creation is intricate and refined, with a focus on the delicate jade moon white as the primary color, complemented by touches of elegant gold. At the center of the design, there is a hexagonal dragon logo beautifully embedded, further enhancing the sense of oriental elegance. The overall concept skillfully captures the essence of traditional Chinese aesthetics.

· The powder is fine and silky, soft and light as a feather.
· With light and thin skin touch, it can be easily applied, can modify facial lines, and shape · natural three-dimensional contour.
· A touch of flush and refreshment embellishes facial details, presents vivid face.
· Light dye with soft light, a touch of silky rouge, creates blush ripples, and decorates cheeks'

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