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Wosado | Soft Magnetic Eyelashes

Wosado | Soft Magnetic Eyelashes

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1. Clip your lashes, and use with WOSADO eyelash gel to make the wear last longer.

2. Take one piece of the false eyelash out of the box and gently separate the magnetic strip from either end of the eyelash with your fingertips.

3. Observe that the smooth side of the magnetic strip is printed with blue and white dots (upper piece is printed with a blue dot and lower piece is printed with a white dot).

The dots on the left side of the magnetic strip means for you left eye to wear,and the dots on the right side of the strip means for you right eye to wear.

4. The blue dot mark the upper lash, corresponding to the "UP" sign of the auxliary clip, and the white dot mark the lower lash, corresponding to the "DOWN" sign of the auxliary clip, so make sure that the blue and white dots are visible at the same time when you place the clip. The eyelashes tip needs to be towards the inside of the clip and curled upwards.

5. Gently lift the eyelid with the tip of the clip that is marked "UP", so that the concave curve of the clip is close to the root of the eyelash, and press the clip to absorb the upper and lower lashes. Please put your finger on the rough surface of the front of the clip to press the clip closed.

6. When removing, pinch the stalk at the end of the eyelash and gently pull it off. When storing the eyelash, make sure the magnetic strips place nicely and the eyelashes tips are placed downwards.

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