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By reviewing this page, you can get an idea of how to find your order status.

Once we get your order fulfilled, a unique full-course traceable tracking number will be linked to the order under your account page. Just click it for the processing and shipping status.

Or you could copy the tracking number and search it via

And please make sure your email address along with your shipping address is correct and valid as all our fulfillment and shipping notifications are sent accordingly.

Please understand that international orders will go through these three phases:

  • ➤ Domestic Customs

    Approximately 5-7 days, no logistics information updated at this stage.

  • ➤ Air Freight

    After passing the domestic customs inspection, your order will be sent to your country by air freight. There will be logistics updates at this stage.

  • ➤ Order Delivery

    After passing your country’s customs inspection, your order will be delivered to your address. There will be logistics updates at this stage.

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Our delivery times are estimated only and are not always guaranteed. Once the packages are sent to our shipping provider, arrival times are out of our control and may vary. You can check the detailed logistics information at

Any questions, please let us know as soon as possible, we will communicate with you patiently and sincerely to try and solve any problems with you. - Fairie Cosmetics