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Florasis| Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick

Florasis| Blooming Rouge Love Lock Lipstick

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Love Locks evolved into symbols of peace, happiness, long life, love, and marriage. Created in collaboration with Master locksmith Xiang, the Love Lock unites a love of virtuosic artistry, ancient heritage, and nourishing beauty into a wearable romantic emblem.

Inspired by the ancient plant rouges of old, extracts of cotton rose, summer snowflake, and Madonna lily nourish and moisturize for a smooth, plump pout.

M520 I Love You

Candied Tomatoes: Elevates your everyday look, even by itself; Engraved with story of White Snake and Xu Xian

M1311 My One and Only

Sweet Apricot and Peach:Gentle and graceful for everyday use; Engraved with story of Blooming Flowers on the Way Home

M1314 Together Forever

Maple and Persimmon:Energized & youthful; Engraved with story of Zhang Chang Painting Eyebrows

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